What Are The Classification Of Micro-motor And Application?

Micro motors are small size, capacity, generally below hundreds of Watts of output power of the motor and the uses, properties and environmental conditions require a special motor. Following June Motors small series to introduce the next classification of micro-motor and application

Structural classification from the structure:

Micro motor in the structure can be divided into 3 categories:

1, electromagnetic

Basic composition is similar to General Motors, including a stator, a rotor and armature windings, brushes and other components, but the structure is more compact.

2, combined

There are two common: the combination of micro-motor; micro-motor in combination with the electronic circuit. In combination with sensors such as DC motor, linear motor in x-direction and y-direction and so on.

3, non-electromagnetic

Structure and electromagnetic, as if into a cylinder, rotating products, line products into the square, but the internal structure of its working principles varies greatly.

Range of application

Mainly used in food processing machinery, textile machinery, medical devices, smart Windows, monitor, PTZ, advertising, household appliances, heating and cooling of air, actuator control all power and constant-speed torque equipment.