Vacuum Cleaners Motor Increased Efficiency, Reduced Noise

Used a Vacuum Cleaners Motor small partners are aware of the advantages and disadvantages of ordinary home Vacuum Cleaners Motor, dust, fine particles to keep the room clean and clean and convenient and quick effort, but dragged a wire tail, the sound of the noise also makes people feel badly unhappy.

According to data show that Vacuum Cleaners Motor in Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries, as early as the late 90s of the last century, the penetration rate of more than 90%.

So why is the penetration rate in China so low? In addition to the above-mentioned application shortcomings, is the consumption habits and home way. China's home cleaning tools are generally broom and mop, and small partners are mostly home to talk about home to enjoy, not to mention the home covered with carpets, and carpet cleaning tools are none other than the Vacuum Cleaners Motor.

Therefore, companies only through product upgrades to fight for more consumer applications, change the structure of the Vacuum Cleaners Motor (wireless), improve efficiency and reduce noise, these changes require rare earth permanent magnet motor participation.

Industry frontier that such a change to the Vacuum Cleaners Motor is very suitable for the advantages: heavy reduction, the efficiency improved, the noise is reduced, do not drag the wire around the tail run, help to enhance the penetration rate.

When using a Vacuum Cleaners Motor to clean the carpet, move the carpet in the direction of the smooth hair, so that dust can be used to keep the carpet hair flat, it will not break the carpet. Beware of using a Vacuum Cleaners Motor to absorb flammable and explosive materials, or something that is relatively high in temperature to avoid burning or exploding. Dry Vacuum Cleaners Motor can not absorb the liquid, ordinary household Vacuum Cleaners Motor also try to avoid drawing metal scrap, or easy to cause damage to the Vacuum Cleaners Motor, affecting performance. Dust bag Vacuum Cleaners Motor If you find the dust bag is damaged should immediately stop the vacuum, and immediately replace the dust bag.

Avoid dust damage to the motor. Should not be used for a long time, if used for some time, the dust accumulated in the filter bag led to decreased suction, this time can shake the box, the dust was shocked at the bottom of the box, the suction will be restored. If the Vacuum Cleaners Motor dust bag, dust bucket inside the dust is too much, as soon as possible to remove the dust, keep the dust bucket clean, so as not to affect the vacuum effect and motor cooling. Abnormal sound when the dust occurs, or do not take the dust, it is necessary to check, or send a Vacuum Cleaners Motor should be placed in a dry place. Do not wipe the switch with wet cloth when cleaning, otherwise it may cause leakage or short circuit. The motor has a thermal power protection function, which is the machine self-protection, not what is wrong. After the machine is turned on, the motor is running at high speed (about every second), it will produce a certain amount of heat. Under normal circumstances, the temperature rise is about degrees, and the protection temperature is two minutes.