Vacuum Cleaners Motor Improve Efficiency, Reduce Noise

Used a Vacuum Cleaners Motor small partners are aware of the advantages and disadvantages of ordinary home Vacuum Cleaners Motor, dust, fine particles to keep the room clean and clean and convenient and quick effort, but dragged a wire tail, the sound of the noise also makes people feel badly unhappy.

According to data show that Vacuum Cleaners Motor in Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries, as early as the late 90s of the last century, the penetration rate of more than 90%.

So why is the penetration rate in China so low? In addition to the above-mentioned application shortcomings, is the consumption habits and home way. China's home cleaning tools are generally broom and mop, and small partners are mostly home to talk about home to enjoy, not to mention the home covered with carpets, and carpet cleaning tools are none other than the Vacuum Cleaners Motor.

Therefore, companies only through product upgrades to fight for more consumer applications, change the structure of the Vacuum Cleaners Motor (wireless), improve efficiency and reduce noise, these changes require rare earth permanent magnet motor participation.

Industry frontier that such a change to the Vacuum Cleaners Motor is very suitable for the advantages: heavy reduction, the efficiency improved, the noise is reduced, do not drag the wire around the tail run, help to enhance the penetration rate.

Heavy-duty industrial Vacuum Cleaners Motor, also known as high-power industrial Vacuum Cleaners Motor, when the machine in use, the motor suddenly stop turning the reasons for which?

One, lead wiring failure

Lead wiring failure, one may be fuse blown. Remove the Vacuum Cleaners Motor housing, check and replace the fuse. There may be a long-term use of high-power Vacuum Cleaners Motor, high-power industrial Vacuum Cleaners Motor internal wiring caused by poor contact, check if found such a situation should be promptly welded and connector exception may be some power lines with automatic line The Vacuum Cleaners Motor of the device is deformed by electric shock of the spring, so that it is not in contact with the copper ring. At this point should open the Vacuum Cleaners Motor shell, remove or remove the jammed debris, while replacing the repair dust collector.

Second, through the switch off a fault

Third, the string motor failure, for different failures should be taken to exclude different methods.