Vacuum Cleaners Motor High Efficiency Filter

This matter goes back to 1901, the protagonist of this story is the inventor of the vacuum cleaner Cecil Bruce. Once, he was dining in a restaurant in London, to see the back of the back of the chair is full of dust, with their own mouth to take a blow, the results can be imagined, the dust almost did not choke him! Bruce was inspired by the confidence of every day in their own studio in the development of vacuum cleaners. Soon his invention was published. And then after a few years of long improvement and innovation, that is, we now use the vacuum cleaner!

So what parts of the vacuum cleaner we are familiar with?

Power section: Vacuum cleaners motor and governor. Governor sub-control, machine control.

Motor: copper wire and aluminum motor of the points. Copper wire motor has high temperature, long life, a single operation time is long, but the price is higher than the aluminum; aluminum motor has a low price characteristics, but the temperature is poor, low melting point, The

Governor: manual control for the throttle adjustment; machine control for the power of hand-held button or infrared adjustment.

Filtration system: dust bag, front filter, after the filter. According to the filter material is divided into: paper, cloth, SMS, Haipa (HEPA efficient filter material).

Functional part: retracting thread mechanism, dust full indication, button or sliding switch.

Protection measures: clean bag protection, high vacuum protection, anti-interference protection (soft start), overheating protection, anti-static protection.

Accessories: handle and hose, take over, brush, flat suction, round brush, bed brush, sofa suction, hook, strap.

The working principle of the vacuum cleaner is the high speed rotation of the Vacuum cleaners motor, the air is sucked from the suction port, the dust box has a certain vacuum, the dust is allowed to enter the dust bag in the dust box through the brush, takeover, handle, hose, Filter bag, the filtered air and then through a layer of filter into the motor, this layer of filter is to prevent the dust bag burst dust into the motor a protective barrier, into the motor air flow through the motor, the motor running in the carbon brush constantly Wear, so out of the vacuum cleaner before adding a filter.

The finer the filter material, the more clean the air filter, but the worse the air permeability, which affects the air intake of the motor and reduces the efficiency of the vacuum cleaner. But for the user, the comfortable and clean is the main, so popular in recent years called "Haipa" filter.

It is a high efficiency filter, can be a very small dust block, the efficiency of 99.97%. Its permeability is lower, so they are made to increase the area of the wave. Some of the filter material can also be cleaned repeatedly. Any filter material has a "life", that is, after long-term use of the filter material has been blocked by small particles of dust. So paper bag is ideal, after use, disposable, hygienic and convenient. Cloth filter bag after cleaning fiber will be knitted, affecting the filtering effect and breathable effect. SMS three-layer composite filter material washable, but slightly lower air permeability.

Said so much when we buy a vacuum cleaner should pay attention to what?

We do not blindly believe in the choice of vacuum cleaner prices, the price is not necessarily suitable for you.

See the vacuum device on the silence effect, the vacuum cleaner will have a breathing sound after power, when the hand block the vacuum cleaner nozzle, the motor noise increased significantly,Vacuum cleaners motor this time the hand will feel a huge suction, hand to move, Will feel very laborious. After the vacuum cleaner power should only wind sound, the whole sound the smaller the better, should not be mixed with other noise.

Look at the vacuum cleaner shell material: vacuum cleaner shell material is durable? Does the fuselage have a crash bar designed to protect your furniture. Dust bag to see the quality of dust bags is good, recommended non-woven materials.

Look at the vacuum suction machine: suction size is the most critical vacuum cleaner, suction is too low is not good.