Single-phase Motor The Correct Maintenance Methods Are There?

Single phase motors are usually used in a single-phase AC power supply of small power single-phase asynchronous motor, is widely used. Using a very high frequency, so many failures may occur during the work process, therefore, single-phase motor daily maintenance is very important. So how are we going to maintain single phase motor?

Single phase motor maintenance process:

Cleaning of stator and rotor – replacing carbon brushes or other parts-f-vacuum pressure impregnation – drying – dynamic balance.

1, the use of the environment should be kept dry, surface of the motor should be kept clean, air inlet should not be affected by dust, fibers and other obstacles.

2, when the thermal protection of the motor when the action is continuous, failures should be identified from the motor is overloaded or protection device setting value is too low, after the Elimination of the fault, to be put into operation.

3, good lubrication should ensure that the motor is running. General Motors runs about 5,000 hours, which shall supplement or replace grease, when you run the overheated bearing or lubrication is found in metamorphic and hydraulic grease change in a timely manner. When replacing the grease, remove old lubricant and wash the bearing and bearing cap oil tank of petrol and ZL-3 Lithium complex grease fill cavity between the inner and outer rings of bearing 1/2 (2-pole) and 2/3 (4, 6, 8).

4, when at the end of the life, vibration and noise will be significantly increased motor, check the radial internal clearance of the bearing if the following is reached, the bearings should be replaced.

5, when removing the motor, or non-extension end remove the rotor from the shaft end can be. If there is no need to remove the fan, and still remove the rotor from the non-shaft end facilities while taking the rotor from the stator, or should prevent damage to the stator winding insulation.

6, the replacement you must note the primary winding to winding form, size and number of turns, wire gauges, when these data are lost, should be obtained from the manufacturer, feel free to change the original design of winding, often resulting in one or more of the performance of the motor, or even unusable.