Operation Mode Of Synchronous Motor Did You Know?

Synchronous motors and induction motors are a commonly used AC motors. Synchronous motor characteristic is: steady-state run, the rotor speed and the frequency change is the relationship between n=NS=60F/p, where f is the frequency, and p for the motor pole pairs, NS is called synchronous speed. If grid frequency constant, steady-state motor speed constant is a constant regardless of load size.

Operation mode of synchronous motor do you know

Synchronous motor divided into synchronous generator and synchronous motors. AC synchronous generators-oriented machine modern power plants.

Operation there are three main types of synchronous motors, such as generators, electric motors and power compensation operation.

As the motor running is another important operating mode of synchronous motor. Synchronous motor power factor can be adjusted, speed is not required, can improve the efficiency of large synchronous motors. Small synchronous motors in variable frequency speed control system began to receive more applications.

Synchronous motor can also be connected to the power grid as a compensation. Motor without any mechanical load, by adjusting the rotor excitation power flows in power to give the necessary inductive or capacitive reactive power in order to achieve the objective of improving the power factor or regulating voltage.