Motor Product Classification?

1, according to the different classification according to the motor power supply power supply, can be divided into DC and AC motors. Three-phase motor single phase motor and AC motor divided into.

2, classified according to structure and working principle of motor according to the structure and principle can be divided into direct-current motor, induction motors and synchronous motors. Synchronous motors can be divided into permanent magnet synchronous motors, magneto-resistive hysteresis synchronous motors and motors with cloth. Asynchronous induction motor and AC commutator motors can be divided into. Three-phase asynchronous induction motors can be divided into, and so on.

Phase Induction Motors and shaded pole induction motor, and so on. AC commutator Motors consists of single-phase series excitation motors, AC and DC motors and repulsion motor.

3, classified by starting and running the motor starting and operation can be classified as capacitor start single-phase induction motor, capacitor start single-phase induction motor, capacitor start single-phase induction motors and operation phase-single phase induction motor.

4, according to classified according to the purpose of use motor-driven electric motor and control with electric motors. Drive with motor and is divided into electric tool (including drilling, and polishing, and polished, and open slot, and cutting, and spread hole, tool) electricity motivation, and appliances (including washing machine, and fan, and refrigerator, and air conditioner, and recorder, and VCR, and DVD player, and sucking dust device, and camera, and hair dryer, and electric razor,) with motor and the other general small mechanical equipment (including various small machine, and small mechanical, and medical devices, and electronic instrument,) electricity motivation. Control motor is made up of stepper motors and servo motors.

5, classified according to structure of the rotor motor is classified according to the structure of the rotor squirrel cage induction motor (old standard known as squirrel-cage asynchronous motor) and a wound-rotor induction motor (old standard known as wound type asynchronous electromotor).

6, sort by speed according to the speed of the motor can be classified as high-speed motor, low speed motor, constant speed motor, variable speed motor.