Motor Market In China Has Great Potential But Insufficient Motor Effect!

According to relevant statistics, China Motor holdings of about 1.7 billion-kilowatt, annual electricity consumption of about 3,000,000,001,000 watts, motor power of the total electricity consumption in China 64%, 75% of the electricity industry.

From a motor in the power, the largest amount of machinery and equipment for China motor pumps, compressors and blowers, these three categories of equipment of motor to the motor 74.2% of the total amount.

Motor number, China Motor, the largest amount of machinery and equipment as pumps, conveyors, fans, compressors, mixers and other equipment, the amount accounts for the total number of 76.3%. Used for various types of pump motor motor number 50.2%.

Motor power consumption. According to statistics, in 2014, when the total power consumption of the motor system 3.5356 trillion-kilowatt, 64% per cent of total electricity consumption. Among them, the industrial systems when the total electricity consumption of 2.8727 trillion-kilowatt, 71.9% per cent of total electricity consumption of the industrial system.

Motor running low. Our motor system efficiency is low in General, higher energy consumption, lower compared to 20%~30% with the international advanced level. Its efficiency is lower than the average in developed countries 3%-5%.

Waste. Many users consider and select a safety factor in equipment selection is too large, and generally the margin of 10%~15%. Therefore, the "big horse-drawn trolley" is serious, long-term operation under low load, causing a great deal of waste. The industry generally believe, inefficient motor 50% energy saving potential, industry must improve the efficiency of the motor from the start.

Therefore, China Motor, the market potential is very large, us motor companies to effect technology of the motor input power, above the motor market in the future in order to have the position.