Cause Analysis Of Three-phase Asynchronous Motor Speed Not Stable

Contact motor people should understand that in the standard three-phase asynchronous motor parameters will have a rated speed of the rated speed of slightly less than three-phase asynchronous motor synchronous speed (2-pole synchronous speed for 3000rpm,4 for 1500rpm,6 for 1000rpm,8 for 750rpm). but also often encountered in actual operation of motor speed is below or above this speed.

Why has this situation come about? What are the three-phase asynchronous motor rotate speed unstable reason? June Motors small series summed up the three points for members ' reference.

First, adjustable resistance contact, variable resistor installed in the Control Panel, because of its use of a very high frequency, use for a long time, there is a bad contact situation is common.

Second, measuring the other three diodes are normal but in comparative measurements, found that two types of diode polarity opposite, so at the time of installation be sure to note it is best to use the same model, with the specifications of the Yuan.

Third, three-phase asynchronous motor rotor and commutator between toner or poor quality of the brush itself.