Brief Development And Market Situation Of China's Micro-motor

China micro motor industry

In the 1980 of the 20th century, the micro-motor's domestic demand is growing. More than China has introduced more than 50 production lines, achieving 25 categories, 60 series, 400, 2000 specifications micro-motors, large-scale production in large quantities. Main product is a brushless permanent magnet DC motor, low power AC motors, AC and DC series motors, shaded pole motors, stepping motors, vibrating motor (cell phone).

In 1999, China micro motor production of about 3 billion units, which produces about 250 million of private and State-owned enterprises, wholly-owned enterprises produced about 1.2 billion, Hong Kong produces about 1.4 billion, Taiwan produces about 180 million units. 2000 production of about 3.9 billion, the total global production of 60%.

Micro-motor with high technical content, such as precision, high speed brushless motor synchronous motor, high precision stepper motor, sheet winding brushless motors, high performance servo motors and the new principle of new structure of ultrasonic motor has not yet formed a commercial or domestic production capacity. Domestic high precision micro motor also rely on imports. According to customs statistics, 1995-2000 annual meeting 26.9%, 2001 4.81%, up 1.197 billion dollars.

Micro-motor market

World economic development, people's living standards constantly improving, micro-motors, as an indispensable basis of machinery and electronic products, it has the low, medium, and low investment in labour-intensive products, and the use of advanced manufacturing technologies, new electronic technology and new materials technology applications with a combination of high investment in technology-intensive products, and integrated into the globalization of production and sales.

From 2000 years, the global market for micro-motors of more than 6.5 billion, mainly in the audiovisual, Office Automation, electric vehicles (including cars), home appliances and air conditioning areas. Situation of distribution of the 2000 World micro-motor and Japan's share of (where is should be noted that Japan has a market share much of medium and low-grade micro-motor production has been transferred to the Mainland). With the improvement of people's living standards, micro-motor market is developing rapidly. Each family has a number of micro-motors can usually measure the extent of a country's modernization level, with developed countries Japan every family has a history of yearly growth in the number of micro-motor trend and future growth, the market demand is growing and there is a huge market. Micro-motor market in China in order to catch up with Japan and other countries also need to work harder.