BMC Parts Uniformity, High Density

BMC Parts has good physical properties, electrical properties and mechanical properties, so it is widely used, such as the production of such as transmission components, intake pipe, valve cover, bumper and other mechanical parts; in the requirements of seismic, Durable aerospace, construction, furniture and other aspects have also been widely used; in its traditional areas of electrical appliances, its use is also more and more widely.

1) feeding system

Whether screw or plunger, must be attached to a squeeze feeding device to force the material into the barrel, the feeding device to use more plunger-pressure feed.

2) Injection molding system

As the plunger injection molding machine injection volume is accurate and constant, so that the glass fiber less damage dispersed in the melt, so the plunger injection molding machine use more, but the exhaust inconvenience.

3) heating system

In the BMC Parts injection molding, the control cylinder temperature is very important, there must be a set of control system to control the temperature, to ensure that the feeding section to the nozzle temperature is the best. At present, more use of constant temperature water or constant temperature oil for heating. Electric heating can also be used.

4) clamping device

More use of mechanical, hydraulic and full hydraulic and other mold clamping device.

5) mold

BMC Parts injection mold and the usual thermoplastic, thermosetting injection is somewhat different, mainly BMC Parts shrinkage is low, so the design of mold cavity size should be changed.

BMC Parts molding compound pressing principle and its process and other thermosetting plastics are basically the same. In the suppression, a certain amount of BMC Parts molding compound into the preheated die, the pressure, heat curing molding for the required products.

1, BMC Parts molding process characteristics

① waste less material, usually only the total consumption of 2% -5%, the actual material loss also depends on the shape of the finished product, size and complexity.

② in the molding process, BMC Parts molding compound, although it contains a lot of glass fiber, but it does not produce a strong orientation of the fiber, so the product of uniformity, high density, and residual internal stress is also small.

③ In the processing process, because the filler and fiber rarely broken, it can maintain a high mechanical properties and electrical properties.

④ in the suppression of its flow length is relatively short, so the mold cavity is not serious wear, mold maintenance costs are low.

⑤ compared with the injection molding, the molding equipment used, molds, such as the low cost of investment, so the entire product molding costs are low.

2. Press the molding process

In the press molding, a certain amount of prepared BMC Parts molding material is placed in a preheated steel die, and then the mold is closed at a constant speed; the BMC Parts molding material flows under pressure and is filled with the entire cavity; The required temperature, the pressure to maintain a certain time, until it completed the physical and chemical process of curing, stereotypes and achieve the best performance when the mold, remove the product.