BMC Parts Good Coloring, Easy To Deformation

BMC Parts use you know what is the main? Its performance and how? In recent years, BMC Partss have become more and more widely used. However, there are still a lot of friends for the understanding of the material is not much, today, we specifically for the use of the material and the main performance to introduce, hoping to deepen our understanding of this content.

     BMC Parts to say the use, then the main can be attributed to the four major aspects. The first is that it can be used as an electrical component, including different categories, such as low pressure, high pressure and so on. The second application is used as auto parts, mainly car lights launchers, car ignition, separation discs, decorative panels and speakers, and so on. The third type of application is as a motor part, such as air conditioning motor, motor shaft and coil skeleton. In addition can also be used in the production of daily necessities, such as electric iron bucket shell.

    When used, in order to ensure the performance of BMC Partss, then we are in the packaging and transportation and storage, also need to pay attention to some problems. Under normal circumstances, we are in the packaging, it is now packaged in a composite film bag, usually 25 kg per pack, after dressing into the carton. In the course of transport, should be noted that not subject to heavy pressure, but also can not be heated.

    During storage, not only to ensure that its packaging is intact, but also should be placed in the temperature suitable place to ensure that its storage environment temperature does not exceed 25 degrees Celsius, but also should be to avoid the direct sunlight to the place, but also Keep the BMC Parts dry.

    So what about the performance of the BMC Parts? In fact, BMC Parts has a lot of excellent performance, such as the appearance of beautiful bright, good coloring, easy deformation, low shrinkage, finished product size is very stable, excellent electrical insulation, good flame resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength, Not easy weathering.

In the case of today's processing, we are using BMC Partss for a variety of products, are generally used in the more traditional processing technology, which led to the production of the product prone to some problems. So how do we take measures to solve this problem? Next, we will explore this issue.

     BMC Parts from the actual production situation, the more common problems include two, respectively, is prone to some needle or porosity problem. If there is such a problem, the appearance and quality of the product will bring some negative impact, so we need to make some adjustments in the operation. The following look at the specific content.

     First of all, when using BMC Partss for production, should be used as much as possible those who do not produce shrinkage or damage to the smaller additives. Secondly, in the processing mold used, we can try to apply some UV curing agent to carry out the bottom, the main purpose of doing so is to a certain extent, improve the quality of the surface of the product.

    Finally, we can also consider improvements from the paint side. For example, we can use some new paint products, and improve its production methods, and then in the processing time, you can use some new processing methods, so you can as much as possible to avoid BMC Parts products surface defects. In addition, the use of this method, but also can save the problem of grinding, not only greatly enhance the efficiency of the work, but also to ensure the quality of the product.

    In fact, for BMC Partss products, its own because of the material has a very special advantage, so in today's market gradually won the majority of users recognized. If we can take some measures to solve the surface of these small problems, then it can further enhance its use advantage.