BMC Motor Accessories Selection Of Explosion-proof Test

1 motor fan, fan cover repair

BMC Motor Accessories If the fan's fan or fan cover is damaged, it should be noted that the fan spacing from the fan cover, baffle and fastener is not less than 1% of the fan diameter, at least lmm, in order to avoid friction and collision sparks. If you replace the outer fan, aluminum alloy fan magnesium content can not exceed 6%, if replaced with plastic fan, you should use the explosion-proof test spare parts. Repair or replacement fan cover, the protection level should meet the requirements of explosion-proof standards.

2 repair of explosion-proof shell

BMC Motor Accessories Flameproof motor housing if there is a crack, it is recommended to replace the same with the new parts; If you find a small flaw defect, you can in accordance with the requirements of GB3836.13 repair. Change the roughness of the outer surface of the motor, coating, etc. should be considered on the motor surface temperature and temperature groups.

The housing of the safety-type motor is a protective housing that can be repaired by means of repairing the general electrical product housing to restore its original enclosure protection rating.

Allowing the local protection of the explosion-proof enclosure, such as the addition of terminals, the introduction of additional devices. But this transformation shall meet the relevant provisions of GB3836.1, GB 3836.2 and GB3836.13 respectively.

3 repair of the junction box

BMC Motor Accessories The terminals in the terminal box are damaged and should be replaced with the same spare parts as the original parts to ensure that the electrical clearance between the different potentials, parts, creepage distance, and fastening of the wiring.

4 Repair of cable and conduit introduction devices

BMC Motor Accessories The elastomeric seals in the unit should be replaced with spare parts of the same size and the same quality. Flameproof motor introduction device repair, shall not change the original equipment to introduce the way, and must comply with the relevant provisions.

5 Repair of the rotor and stator surfaces of the motor

If the rotor cage is welded, it is advisable to purchase the original spare parts with the original rotor. If the rotor cage is welded, it is advisable to repair the original manufacturer or manufacturer with manufacturing experience.