BMC Eletric Motors With Excellent Electrical Insulation And Product Dimensional Stability

SMC / BMC Eletric Motors Eletric Motors products in the damp and impurity environment under the influence of different polar live parts or between the live parts and ground metal may cause insulation on the leakage, the resulting arc on the SMC / BMC Eletric Motors products caused by electrical breakdown Or because the discharge of the material corrosion, or even lead to fire. Tests for the start-up of the fault-resistant trace are actually a destructive test of the insulating material in the above case to measure and evaluate the relative resistance to leakage at the specified voltage when the insulator is in the presence of electric and impurity-containing water , For electrical and electronic products, household appliances, electrical insulation materials and electrical properties of an indicator of its products. SMC / BMC Eletric Motors composites are SMC / BMC Eletric Motors composites. SMC / BMC Eletric Motors composites are a kind of new thermosetting composite materials. They are widely used in motor, electrical and automobile industries. SMC / BMC Eletric Motors composites have excellent electrical insulation and product dimensional stability, good mechanical strength and heat resistance. Therefore, SMC / BMC Eletric Motors composite material has better resistance to leakage traces than amino groups, phenolic molding compounds and other thermosetting plastics. SMC / BMC Eletric Motors composite materials generally compared to the tracking index (ComparativeTrackingIndex) that CTI value is higher, to the insulation group Ⅰ (CTI ≥ 600V). High SMC / BMC Eletric Motors composites are generally compared to the trapping index CTI ≥ 800V.

SMC / BMC Eletric Motors polymer composite materials, insulation products in the test from the beginning of the impact of damage from the index damage mechanism:

When the surface of the SMC / BMC Eletric Motors polymer composite material is contaminated by moisture and positive and negative ions, the leakage current on the surface of the SMC / BMC Eletric Motors insulating material is much larger than that of the clean surface. The leakage current will produce heat, evaporation of wet contaminants, so that the surface of the insulating material in a non-uniform dry state, resulting in the insulation surface to form a local drying point or drying zone. The dry area increases the surface resistance so that the electric field becomes uneven and the flashover discharges. Under the combined action of the electric field and the heat, the surface of the insulating material is carbonized, the carbide resistance is small, and the electric field intensity at the tip of the electrode at which the voltage is applied is increased, so that the flashover discharge is more likely to occur. So that the vicious cycle until the voltage caused by the electrode between the electrode insulation damage, the formation of conductive channels, resulting in electric tracking. Insulation material in the event of leakage marks, that there are three kinds of deterioration phenomenon, one appears carbonized black dendritic conductive channel, after repeated discharge, the conductive channel gradually increased, when the two electrodes are bridged together, the material will occur Breakdown of the damage; the second is in the role of multiple discharge, the material fire, destruction; Third, the material appears some pits, when the discharge continues to proceed, the pits deepened, resulting in electrical corrosion, and sometimes breakdown damage, and sometimes Not being punctured.