BMC Eletric Motors Protection Has Improved

BMC Eletric Motorss start difficult, plus rated load, the BMC Eletric Motors speed lower than the rated speed of the reasons and solutions:

1. Power supply voltage is too low: use a voltmeter or multimeter to check the BMC Eletric Motorss input power supply voltage size, and then processed.

2. connection winding error connected to Y connection: the Y connection back to △ connection.

3. Cage rotor open welding or fracture: check open or broken after repair.

4. Winding rotor brush or start rheostat poor contact: repair brush and start the rheostat contact parts

The rotor winding has a partial coil connected to the wrong or reverse.

6. Turn around too many turns: rewound by correct winding turns.

7. Winding rotor one phase of the road: check the lamp with a multimeter check the circuit, and then troubleshooting.

8. Brush and the collector ring bad contact: to improve the contact area of the brush and the collector ring, such as grinding brush contact surface, pressure regulator brush, car ring collection ring surface.

When the BMC Eletric Motorss in the overload fault, for a long time beyond its rated current operation, will lead to BMC Eletric Motors overheating, insulation and burned down, the protector according to the BMC Eletric Motorss heating characteristics, calculate the BMC Eletric Motors heat capacity, analog BMC Eletric BMC Eletric Motorss heating characteristics of the BMC Eletric Motors protection, overload Protect the characteristics of the different trip levels

When the BMC Eletric Motorss load is pump load, the BMC Eletric Motors no-load or underload operation will cause harm, the protection device to provide underload protection, when the three-phase average current and rated current percentage is lower than the set value, the protector should In the action set time action or alarm time alarm.

If the BMC Eletric Motorss is jammed during the start-up or during operation, if the BMC Eletric Motorss shaft is jammed due to excessive load or its own mechanical conditions, the BMC Eletric Motors will be overheated and the BMC Eletric Motorss will be overheated and the insulation will be reduced and the BMC Eletric Motorss will be burned. The protection is protected against such faults during the operation. When the current reaches the action setting current, the protector shall act during the operation set time or alarm within the alarm time.

During the start of the BMC Eletric Motors, the protector has only the protection function such as phase loss, grounding / leakage, etc. The rest of the protection function does not work, after the start of all the protection function (according to user settings) are automatically input, when the BMC Eletric Motors start time The user set the start time, the current is greater than 1.1 times the rated current, the protector in accordance with the requirements set to protect the action (delay) set the time to issue a parking command to stop the BMC Eletric Motors running.