BMC Electrical Accessories High Sensitivity Type, General Type

Main points of maintenance and management of BMC Electrical Accessories 

Mold maintenance management focus, the main maintenance items are:

1. Mold PL surface, mold point, heart and other parts of the clean,

2. The lubrication of the movement of the mold, the fastening of the bolt,

3. Cooling water hole rust, electrical parts of the disconnection check

Continuous production should be carried out in the production of regular maintenance, intermittent products in a mass production must be carried out after the shutdown maintenance, so that in the normal maintenance state. Mold maintenance should be carried out on a routine maintenance and regular maintenance, servo injection molding machine new, are in accordance with the "mold maintenance and maintenance", and "mold maintenance checklist" to confirm and make, and then each mold production recorded in the record table , The servo injection molding machine, this record is the history of the mold records, in the future check on a great help. Maintenance of the main point is that in the fixed frequency and time, the implementation of mold maintenance management seriously. "Is not immediately after the accident repair, servo injection molding machine motor repair parts, but to prevent the occurrence of accidents."

First, BMC Electrical Accessories s

The hot bimetallic is a composite material in which two layers of metal (or alloy) components with different expansion coefficients are firmly bonded to each other. One of the higher thermal expansion coefficient layer, known as the active layer, a lower coefficient of thermal expansion, known as the passive layer. Sometimes in order to obtain special performance, you can also compound the third layer (middle layer). The tension generated by the active layer and the tension generated by the tension generated by the passive layer to the thermal bimetallic bending is limited, will produce thrust, thermal energy into mechanical energy.

BMC Electrical Accessories s can be divided into: high sensitivity type, general type, low temperature type, high temperature type, special type and resistance series and so on. The main properties of BMC Electrical Accessories s are: resistivity, ratio bending, elastic modulus E, linear temperature range, allowable temperature range and density.

Bending: The flat thickness of the flat bimetallic specimen per unit of change in unit temperature is the half of the curvature of the longitudinal centerline. The unit name is per degree Celsius and the unit symbol is / 10-6 ℃ -1.

The most commonly used bimetallic materials are: 5J4140, 5J20110 (5J11), 5J1480 (5J18), 5J1578 (5J16), R5, R10, R15 (R12), R25, R30, R50 and so on. Among them, 5J4140, 5J20110 (5J11), 5J1480 (5J18), 5J1455 (R50), 5J1430 (R33) and so on for the current specifications of the small direct thermal type (by the dual metal components direct power fever) circuit breakers.

5J represents a bimetallic, 20 of 5J20110 is a K value of bending, and a resistivity (?? Cm) at 110C.

Some medium-sized current such as 40, 50, 63A circuit breakers, etc., its side by side or direct use of large quantities of R15 (R12), R25, R30, R50 and so on. They use 3Ni24Cr2 (nickel chrome steel) as the active layer, Ni36 as the passive layer, with the middle layer such as zirconium copper Cu-Zr (used for R15, R12) and nickel (for R30, R50). Change the thickness of the middle layer, you can adjust the size of the resistivity.

The smaller the value behind R, the greater the applicable current level, whereas the smaller the applicable current level. It also shows the resistivity (μΩ · cm) of the material at 20 ° C.

High-current grade molded case circuit breakers are no longer protected by bypass or direct thermal bimetallic elements as overload delay. Mainly so much heat will make the temperature rise of the circuit breaker much higher than the standard requirements, and can meet the performance of the small resistivity of metal materials is also difficult to find. On other ways, such as current transformer type.