BMC Electrical Accessories Has Good Corrosion Resistance

BMC Electrical Accessories Electrical Accessories (front light, rear door, loudspeaker shell, etc.), the meter housing (the insulator, the switch 29, the meter box, the circuit breaker shell, the terminal, all kinds of household or business mechanical and electrical products shell) , Audio equipment shell.

(6) BMC Electrical Accessories molding method

BMC Electrical Accessories injection molding machine is mainly for BMC Electrical Accessories pellet material, after the BMC Electrical Accessories feeder forced into the BMC Electrical Accessories barrel, and then through the screw sent to the barrel in front, and then injected into the mold cavity curing a process.

BMC Electrical Accessories is a thermosetting material. Injection molding machine barrel temperature can not be too much, generally set to 60 degrees, easy to flow of materials can be.

BMC Electrical Accessories injection molding machine is mainly the production of thermosetting solid material of the professional equipment, in the feeding part of a hydraulic system, the screw is expected when the ball into the material into the cylinder, BMC Electrical Accessories injection molding machine is suitable for complex mold, with injection molding processing , Product efficiency, low labor intensity.

BMC Electrical Accessories molding methods are compression molding, transfer molding, injection molding three, mainly to the main injection molding.

① compression molding method, see SMC molding method.

② transfer molding method. The device has a Pot type and an auxiliary piston type to assist the piston type.

BMC Electrical Accessories has good physical properties, electrical properties and mechanical properties, so it is widely used, such as the production of such as transmission components, intake pipe, valve cover, bumper and other mechanical parts; in the requirements of earthquake, fire, Durable air, construction, furniture and other aspects have also been widely used; in its traditional areas of electrical appliances, its use is also more and more widely.

Die-casting is a molding method between compression and injection molding, also known as transfer molding, pressure injection or injection molding, is a certain amount of BMC Electrical Accessories (DMC) molding compound into the feed room for proper preheating , And then by the plunger to die casting chamber molding material quickly into the closed hot mold cavity, full of mold and then pressure, heating, and other products completely cured stereotypes, the mold out of the product.

Die-casting molding is not suitable for large-scale products, suitable for processing complex results, openings, inserts and more convex shape of the insulation, support, structural parts and other products; also used for plastic parts, play insulation, Effect.

⒈ general performance: BMC Electrical Accessories (DMC) the proportion of the larger, between 1.3 to 2.1; product appearance bright, feel good, hard and heavy feeling; with the fire will produce a lot of fumes, and styrene smell; some Varieties of BMC Electrical Accessories (DMC) are flammable, but some varieties are very easy to burn, leaving inorganic substances after burning.

⒉ dimensional stability: BMC Electrical Accessories (DMC) linear expansion coefficient is (1.3 ~ 3.5) × 10-5K-1, smaller than the average thermoplastic, which makes the BMC Electrical Accessories (DMC) has a high dimensional stability and dimensional accuracy. The effect of temperature on the dimensional stability of BMC Electrical Accessories (DMC) is small, but the effect of humidity is more serious, BMC Electrical Accessories will expand after moisture absorption. BMC Electrical Accessories (DMC) linear expansion coefficient and steel, aluminum is very close, so it can be combined.

⒊ mechanical strength: BMC Electrical Accessories (DMC) tensile, bending, impact strength and other properties higher than the thermoplastic, creep resistance than thermoplastic.

⒋ water and solvent: BMC Electrical Accessories (DMC) on water, ethanol, aliphatic hydrocarbons, oils, oils have good corrosion resistance, but not ketone, chlorinated hydrocarbons, aromatic hydrocarbons, acid and so on. BMC Electrical Accessories (DMC) water absorption is low, soaking a day after the insulation performance is still very good.

⒌ heat resistance: BMC Electrical Accessories heat resistance than the general engineering plastics are good, heat distortion temperature HDT 200 ~ 280 ℃, long-term use at 130 ℃ temperature.

⒍ Aging resistance: BMC Electrical Accessories anti-aging performance is very good, in the room available 15 to 20 years, outdoor exposure 10 years after its strength retention rate of 60% or more.

⒎ electrical performance: BMC Electrical Accessories arc resistance of the most prominent, can reach about 190 seconds.

⒏ low odor: BMC Electrical Accessories used in the styrene cross-linking agent will still have 0.1% after curing residues, heating will be issued when the smell. Therefore, BMC Electrical Accessories used in food utensils (such as microwave utensils) should be used without residual styrene monomer type UP resin.