BMC Electrical Accessories Good Combustion Resistance And Corrosion Resistance

The use of BMC Electrical Accessories do you know what the main ones are? What about the performance? In recent years, the application of BMC Electrical Accessories has become more and more extensive. However, there are still many friends who do not know much about the material, today, we are dedicated to the use of the material and the main performance to introduce, we hope to deepen the understanding of this aspect of the content.

To say the use of BMC Electrical Accessories, then the main can be summed up to four aspects. The first is that it can be used as electrical components, including the different categories, such as low pressure class, high-pressure class and so on. The second application is the use of automotive accessories, mainly automotive lights transmitter, car ignition, separation plate, decorative plate and speaker box. The third category is used as motor parts, such as air conditioner motors, motor shafts, and coil skeletons. In addition, can also be used in the production of daily necessities, such as a perm shell.

In the use, in order to ensure the use of BMC material performance, then we are in the packaging and transportation and storage, we also need to pay attention to some problems. Usually, when we are packing, it is packaged in a composite film bag, usually 25 kg per pack, packed into cartons. In the course of transport, attention should not be paid to stress, but also can not be heated.

During storage, not only to ensure that its outer packaging intact, but also should be placed in a temperature suitable place, to ensure that its storage environment temperature of not more than 25 degrees Celsius, but also should be avoided in direct sunlight to the place, but also to maintain the BMC material drying.

So what is the performance of the BMC material? In fact, BMC Electrical Accessories have a lot of good performance, such as beautiful appearance, good color, not easy to deformation, low shrinkage, finished product size is very stable, electrical insulation excellent, good fire resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength, not easy to weathering.

In today's processing situation, we use BMC Electrical Accessories for a variety of product production, is generally used in the comparison of traditional processing methods, so this leads to the production of products are prone to some problems. So how do we take steps to solve such problems? Next, let's explore this question.

From the actual production of BMC Electrical Accessories, the more common problems include two, which are easy to appear some of the needle or blowhole. If such a problem arises, there will be some negative effects on the appearance and quality of the product, so we need to make some adjustments in the operation. Let's take a look at the details.

First, when using BMC Electrical Accessories for production, try to use as many additives as possible that do not cause shrinkage problems or are less likely to be damaged. Secondly, in the processing mold used, we can try to smear some UV curing agent to carry out the substrate, the main purpose is to a certain extent to improve the quality of the product surface.

Finally, we can also consider the improvement from the paint. For example, we can choose some new coating products, and improve its production methods, and then in the process of processing, we can adopt some new treatment methods, so as to avoid the BMC material product surface defects. In addition, the use of this method, but also to eliminate the problem of grinding, not only greatly improve the efficiency of the work, but also to ensure the quality of the product.

In fact, for the BMC material products, because of its own in the material has a very special advantage, so in today's market gradually won the majority of users recognized. If we can take some measures to solve these small problems on the surface, then we can further enhance its use advantage.