Analysis: Synchronous Motor (motor) Fault!

Boot failure generally cannot be started, and startup difficulties which started difficult and divided into cold start and warm start difficulties.

First, will not start

Engine will not start and there is no indication on fire, usually is caused by no jet fuel, the main reasons are the following:

1, speed signal fault

Engine speed and crankshaft position sensors in the engine when its speed signal, providing crankshaft position signal, and as a control system for controlling the main basis and Foundation. If sensor or line failure, the electronic control unit cannot receive the signal to speed and crankshaft position signal, it cannot be properly controlled fuel injection and ignition timing, there will be fuel injector not action, not jump the spark plug. Check with a stethoscope and a timing light, we can confirm that the fuel injectors and spark plugs working.

If a failure occurs, self diagnosis system can show failure code, speed sensor, 1 and 2nd full check camshaft position sensor and its circuit. First disconnect the sensor connector, check their resistance, resistance is not normal, it shall be replaced if normal, check the wiring and ECU and sensor connectors are normal.

2, fuel pump and control circuit malfunction

If the fuel pump or the control circuit failure, can also cause oil supply system no fuel pressure. Even if the injector is working properly, fuel doesn't spray. Methods are: short term diagnosis plug connection terminals + b and FP and turned on the ignition switch (not start), check there is no pressure in the inlet hose. If the pressure in the hose and can hear the sound of oil, note the fuel pump itself is no problem; otherwise, the fuel pump should be checked, use multimeter to measure the resistance between terminals 4 and 5, such as inconsistent with the provisions, you will need to replace the fuel pump. If the fuel pump is working correctly, you should check the control circuit including fuses, EFI main relay, fuel pump relay, resistor and wiring and connector.

Second, start problems

Effects of cold start and warm start difficulties and much the same method. As for mixture concentration, air/fuel mixture too thin and the mixture too thick either. Affect oil supply problem may occur when the fuel quality, fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel pressure regulator, cold start system, fuel injectors, and water temperature on the sensor affects fault showing air intake filter blocked, air system leaks and idle speed control failure.

1, the fuel pressure regulator failure

Fuel system oil pressure has a direct effect on the concentration of the mixture, so the first thing you should check the fuel pressure. By: fuel pressure gauge connected to the fuel line first, then start the engine and measure the fuel pressure. If the fuel pressure is too high, you should replace the pressure regulator pressure is too low, the oil return hose is clamped, if fuel pressure normal fuel pressure regulator corrupted, or you can check fuel pump and fuel filter. Down to check fuel pressure should be kept within the required value of 5min, description or fuel injector leak, resulting in air/fuel mixture too thick.

2, fuel pump and fuel filter problem

Starting difficulties, fuel pump is working correctly, the problem is the pump filter blocked pump not enough suction fuel or fuel filter is blocked causing fuel system pressure is low.

3, cold start system

In some models, with cold start injector, cold start mixture enriched to improve cold start performance. Cold start injector controlled by the start switch and thermal switch, fuel injection duration depends on the thermal control switch coil current and the temperature of the cooling water.

Cold started system fault more performance for: cold started injector was glial real jam, effect spray oil atomization quality, led to cold started difficult; cold started injector failure cannot normal work; hot sensitive Shi control switch short-circuit (touch points often closed) or circuit breaker (often open), if touch points often closed, is hot car Shi still control cold started injector spray into too much fuel and led to hot started difficult, if Shi control switch short-circuit, cold started injector always cannot work and led to cold started difficult.

4, fuel injector fault

Injector fault generally are as follows: the injector hole clogged with gelatinous objects, carbon or seal caused leaks, resulting in mixture concentration is too small or too large. Its detection method is: first started engine, with stethoscope in each injector at check operation voice, as listening to not to voice, should check distribution line connection device, and injector or from ECU of Jet signal; then, with multimeter measurement injector terminal between of resistance, as resistance value and provides value inconsistent, is replaced injector; last, check injector of spray oil volume, its value should in normal range within and the cylinder spray oil volume poor value is less than 5cm3.

5, the temperature sensor

The temperature sensors are used to detect the temperature of the cooling water, and turn it into a temperature-dependent voltage signal input ECU, as a basis for ECU revised fuel injection quantity. If the water temperature sensor or ECU wiring circuit breakers, short circuits, surface scaling serious, will cause the output signal greater deviation ultimately fuel injectors cannot increase or reduce the amount of fuel at the right time, resulting in difficulty in starting.

6 valves, idle speed control (ISC) failure