AC Synchronous Motor Characteristic

Motor synchronous motor that is running. Due to the synchronous motor can adjust the excitation current to make it run in leading power factor, helps to improve the power factor, therefore, large equipment such as large compressors blowers, water pumps, ball Mills, mills, synchronous motor. Large synchronous motor at low speed, this advantage is particularly prominent.

In addition, the speed of the synchronous motor completely depends on the power supply frequency. Frequency is constant, the speed of the motor must also, it does not change over the load. This feature in some transmission systems, especially synchronous transmission system and the precision of speed in the speed control system is of great significance. Synchronous motor operation and stability is relatively high. Is generally in a State of over-excitation operation of synchronous motor, overload capacity larger than the corresponding asynchronous motors. Motor torque is proportional to the square of voltage, synchronous Motors torque depends on the voltage and motor the electromotive force generated by the excitation current the product only with a proportional to the square of the voltage. When the rated values of the voltage suddenly dropped to about 80%, motor torque is often reduced to about 64%, and stop with fixed load; and synchronous motor torque is decreased, also through the forced excitation to ensure the stable operation of the motor.