Parameters of micro-motor products

All types of micro-motor performance varies, its performance parameters difficult to unified States. In General, is used to drive the machinery focused on running and starting power indicators to consider output power, wave power and stability control with emphasis on static and dynamic characteristics of micro-motor parameters. The first two motor parameters are similar to General Motors.

Only controlled micro-motor has its own unique characteristics.

The significance of micro-motor type:

First letter on behalf of appearance: r is for round, f flat, s represents the rectangle;

The second letter represents the brush category: e, a, u: metal brush f d: sheet metal fork brush c, k, h, s and t: carbon brushes;

The third number represents the rotor diameter;

Fourth digit represents a magnet or shell length;

Fifth digit represents the number of rotor slots: 0 for 3 slot, 5 5 slot, 3 for 12 slots.