How to select a permanent magnet DC motor

(1) type choices

Should be chosen high efficiency, low price, low temperature rise of ferrite permanent magnet DC motor. Only when strictly on performance, small size, high ambient temperature before considering using Alnico permanent magnet DC motor or rare earth permanent magnet DC motor.

(2) rational choice and power of electric motor

Is a limit to the maximum power output of the motor, if power of electric motor selection is too small, the load exceeds the rated motor output power would lead to motor overload, overload occurs when motor heating, vibration, speed loss, abnormal voice phenomena, when serious overloading will burn motor. Power is too high, it will cause economic waste. Reasonable selection of motor power is very important.

(3) the specification available

Actual production product specifications are often not much to choose products more difficult. In select products specifications Shi can consider: in power voltage can adjustable of occasions, can by actual need select turned moment, and speed and products corresponding of rated value close of specifications, through change voltage get by needed speed; in power voltage fixed of occasions, if no appropriate specifications of products can for selection Shi, can first by turned moment select appropriate specifications, and products of voltage and speed Zhijian can for appropriate adjustment.