How synchronous motor work? Synchronous motor principle

Synchronous motor works:

1, the establishment of the main magnetic field

Excitation windings with DC excitation current, set up of polar excitation magnetic field, that set up the main magnetic field.

2, conductor

Three phase symmetry acts as a power of the armature windings windings, EMF-induced current carriers.

3, cutting movement

Prime mover the rotors rotate (for input into mechanical energy), of polar excitation magnetic field rotates with the shaft and turn the cutting of the stator windings (equivalent to reverse cutting field excitation winding conductors).

4, alternating electric potential

Because of the armature winding of the main magnetic field and relative cutting motion, armature winding will be induced and periodic changes in the direction of three-phase alternating voltage. Through lead, to provide AC power.

5, consistency and symmetry

Because of the rotating magnetic field polarity, alternating polarity of the induced EMF due to symmetry of the armature winding, ensuring the symmetry of three-phase induction potential of.