DC motor works

DC motor inside fixed has ring pm body, current through rotor Shang of coil produced amps force, dang rotor Shang of coil and magnetic field parallel Shi, again continues to turned by of magnetic field direction will change, so at rotor end of electric brush with conversion tablets alternating contact, to coil Shang of current direction also change, produced of Lorentz force direction not variable, so motor can keep a direction turned.

The working principle of the Dynamo is induced in the armature coil an alternating electric potential, combined with brushes of commutator reversing roles, so that when drawn from the brush into the principles of DC electric potential.

EMF direction determined by the right-hand (magnetic field lines point to the Palm of the hand, thumb pointing in direction of motion of the conductor, it points to is the conductor of the other four fingers in the direction of the induced electromotive force).

Using the left-hand rule to determine the direction of conductor. This electro-magnetic forming a torque acting on the armature, electromagnetic torque of rotating electrical machine known as the torque and torque in the counter-clockwise direction in an attempt to make the armature counterclockwise rotation. If you can overcome this electromagnetic torque torque on armature (such as resistive torque caused by friction and other load torque), the armature would rotate in a counter-clockwise direction.