BMC Knob Black

Product Details

product name:BMC knob black

Product material:BMC(Add provisions in unsaturated polyester resin composition is made after stuffing mix the clumps of preforming material group that called mold plastic BMC (Bulk Moulding Compound)

Product features:  

1. Flame resistance—VO/5V

2. thermal deformation temperature-->500F@264psi                           

3. Insulation resistance—1.5*10¹³

4. Flame retardant fire rating----VO

Product color:black

Product advantages:

1. thermal resistance change of around 220 °.

2. Special knob induction cooker and microwave oven

3. Long time high temperature resistance, no deformation.3.


minimum order quantity:5000PCS

product fuction: BMC switch knob is dedicated to microwave ovens, induction cooker, electric rice cooker, products with high level of flame retardant, resistance to high performance is good, the temperature can reach 220 degrees - 280 degrees, baking deformation for a long period of time is the best choice of the electric switch.

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